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Invitation to Tender

Research Project on a ‘just transition’ to net zero for low-income households in the homeowner and private rented sectors.

Housing Rights has issued this Invitation to Tender for a mixed methods research project to examine the readiness and willingness of the private rented and homeowner sectors in Northern Ireland to ensure a ‘just transition’ to a green housing stock.

Housing Rights is commissioning this research to assist with building an evidence base upon which to develop policy recommendations for Government to assist with the delivery of a ‘just transition’ to decarbonisation for households in the private rented and homeowner sectors, with a particular focus on low-income homeowners.


  • Clarification period ends: 12 February 2024 by 4pm
  • Receipt of submissions: 19 February 2024 by 9am
  • Notification: 26 February 2024
  • Research to begin: 26 February 2024
  • Report to be completed: 31 May 2024

A 'just transition' to net zero in Northern Ireland

Our Head of Policy and Development Natalie Whelehan, on the role that housing can play in mitigating against climate change.