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When everyone has a home

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Northern Ireland has seen home ownership fall from 73% at its peak in 2006, to 63% now. A think tank from the Resolution Foundation used data from the Office for National Statistics' Labour Force Survey (LFS) to look at home ownership in the UK. 

They found that Northern Ireland has seen the biggest fall in home ownership in the UK.

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The Housing Executive has recently released their ‘Mapping Foreign Nationals Living in Northern Ireland’ report. Estimating the number of foreign nationals living in Northern Ireland can be difficult. But this report uses information from the Census 2011, information gathered from the NIHE local offices and other key reports.

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When someone is granted a new social tenancy, they'll generally need to furnish the property from scratch.  For many, this may just mean moving existing furnishings from another property or a storage centre into their new home.  But, some new tenants will have nothing to put in their new home and this can make settling in incredibly challenging.  

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More than 20% of Northern Ireland households now live in private rented accommodation, according to the Northern Ireland Family Resources Survey.  Ten years ago, this figure stood at 10%.

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The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has released a report on its assessment of the new requirement for landlords to establish whether tenants have a “right to rent” in the UK before granting a tenancy. The report is highly critical of the pilot scheme; JCVI’s evaluation uncovered a number of worrying direct and indirect impacts of these checks on both tenants and landlords.

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Involving Everyone - Including 'Easy to Ignore" Groups in Housing Policy and Strategy Development in Northern Ireland

The aim of this research was to assess and make recommendations for the greater involvement of ‘easy to ignore’ groups in housing policy and strategy development in Northern Ireland, with particular emphasis on engagement with the Social Housing Reform Programme. 

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Dr Jenny Muir is a Lecturer in the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering at Queen's University Belfast. Below she introduces findings from her latest research on involving easy to ignore groups , carried out with funding provided by Housing Rights. 

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The Department for Social Development has published the Northern Ireland Housing Statistics for 2013/14. These can be downloaded from the DSD website.

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Housing Rights Service played host to the Committee for Social Development today.  During the meeting, Dr Heloise Brown and Paul Price from the Department of Social Development (DSD) summarised public responses to recent proposals to reform the allocation system for social housing and answered members' questions on this issue. 

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A major survey has revealed that social tenants, particularly in Northern Ireland and London, are dissatisfied with the services provided by their landlords.

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