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Housing and debt helpline for Northern Ireland – 028 9024 5640

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Universal Credit claimants will typically wait six weeks before receiving their first payment. While those who have applied immediately after leaving employment may be able to sustain themselves during this six-week period with their final payment of wages.

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Housing has featured prominently at the recent party conferences. We take a look at what Labour and the Conservatives pledged.

Labour housing pledges

In his speech to the Labour party conference, Jeremy Corbyn made several pledges in relation to housing and rents:

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The Department for Communities has released its formal proposals to improve the process used to allocate social housing. This review of the allocations system was launched in 2013, at which stage a research paper set out recommendations.

The proposals hope to achieve five key outcomes

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Universal Credit will be introduced in Northern Ireland on 27 September. People who are claiming Universal Credit will have to make a separate application for help with their rates. This assistance will be made available under a new “rates rebate” scheme, administered by Land and Property Services and accessed through NI Direct.

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Housing Rights, together with NIFHA, the Council for Homelessness in NI, Shelter NI, the Chartered Institute of Housing, the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, Advice NI and Supporting Communities NI, is calling for the rollout of Universal Credit in Northern Ireland to be urgently reviewed to prevent issues that have arisen in England, Scotland and Wales being repeated in Northern Ireland.

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