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New proposals for tackling antisocial behaviour

Housing Rights recently responded to a call for evidence from the Social Development Committee in relation to the Housing (Amendment) Bill. The proposals in the Bill are significantly changed from what was expected following the original Housing (Antisocial Behaviour) Bill. We welcome that the Bill has omitted some of the more contentious proposals such as, for example, the introduction of a new Short Secure Tenancy, which was essentially a downgraded temporary tenancy for 6 months.

Sharing information to tackle antisocial behaviour

Much of the new Bill concerns the sharing of information between social landlords and relevant statutory bodies in tackling antisocial behaviour. It looks at ways of gathering and sharing information with the purpose of seeking possession and other court actions following antisocial behaviour, and extends such powers to housing associations.

Housing Rights experience

Antisocial behaviour can be a blight on communities and cause severe distress to those directly affected. There are also cost implications for the public purse in dealing with the problem. Housing Rights has much experience of dealing with cases of antisocial behaviour. We have advised both those who are victims of antisocial behaviour and those who are accused of such behaviour. Whilst there is merit in allowing statutory agencies to share relevant information in working together to tackle antisocial behaviour; it is important that stringent safeguards are put in place to protect people’s privacy and prevent abuse.

Housing Rights resources

We have a Professional Resource on “Antisocial Behaviour and Housing”.  The resource examines the legal responsibilities of both social landlords and tenants, legislative procedural requirements which must be followed when dealing with cases of antisocial behaviour and the most recent case law in relation to antisocial behaviour.  At only £5 for members or £9.95 for tenants, our range of Professional Resources are a great way of keeping your housing knowledge up to date.