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Past Events

Housing Rights offers a variety of courses. Take a look below at a sample of what we can offer. If you are interested in these courses, or would like to have a course adapted especially for you organisational needs, dont hesitate to chat with us

Event Description
Made of Money - Financial Capability Skills
7 March 2016

The L/Derry date has now been cancelled, please book on to our Belfast date on the 23rd March

Do you work with tenants, communities and families around budgeting and money?

This unique 2 day course adopts an award winning approach to looking at attitudes, communication, fears and values around the difficult topic of money management.

Using materials developed by Quaker Social Action, this two day “train the trainer” style programme will ensure you have the skills & knowledge to deliver and share financial capability education with the groups/clients you work with in a fun and non threatening manner.

This informal and interactive course will look at specific issues like:

  • Money basics of budgeting, saving, credit and debt;
  • Communication about money issues;
  • Coping with consumer culture.

Who should attend?

This course will prove essential for those who provide money/budgeting or debt advice and advocacy to clients or groups.

This course is also being held in Belfast.

Domestic violence, relationship breakdown & housing
10 November 2015

When a relationship breaks down one of the most frequently asked questions is “who will get the home?"

Domestic violence adds other aspects to this question such as Risk, Safety and Child Protection. This course will look at the issue from the victims perspective, accessing protection through occupation orders and the issue of ongoing safety. This will help you deal with a client who is a victim of domestic violence and the different areas of housing law and policy and rights of the client to remain in a property/tenancy.

This course will include:
  • Understanding domestic violence
  • Occupation rights of spouses & cohabitees, whether owner-occupiers or tenants, following domestic violence;
  • Impact of domestic violence legislation on occupation rights;
  • Rehousing options for victims.
Who should attend?

This course will be of particular importance to housing advisers, community/residents groups, benefit advisors, political party constituency offices, private, social and hostel accommodation providers and the legal profession. 

Dealing with Housing Problems in the Small Claims Court
4 August 2015

Whether it’s to recovering a deposit, repairing issues or enforcing other legal rights; Often people feel that their only course of redress is to go to court. The small claims court procedure is designed to be used by individuals and organisations to enable them to access justice more quickly and with less expense than more traditional court procedures.

Whilst there are limits on the type of cases and the amount of money that can be reclaimed through this process, properly prepared paperwork and representations for the hearing can help you be more effective at Court.

This course will provide you with the skill needed to do this.

This course assists adviser in taking or defending a case in the small claims court looking in detail at:

  • Types of cases that can be heard
  • Procedures
  • Presenting a case in court
  • structuring submissions/notices in line with CCR and procedure
  • Enforcing the judgment
Housing Benefit: Advanced - Challenging Decisions
19 March 2015

This one day session will build on our introduction to housing benefit and consider, in particular, circumstances where an applicant may want to challenge a decision with regard to their housing benefit.

An award of Housing Benefit can be refused for a number of reasons and challenging such a decision can be complex requiring advisers to have a thorough understanding of housing benefit regulations. The training will include relevant legislation, regulations and Commissioners decisions

In particular it will focus on:
  • Contrived tenancies
  • Notional capital
  • Wilful deprivation of income
  • Overpayments & their recovery
  • Reviews, supersessions & appeals of housing benefit decisions
Who should attend? 

This course will be essential for welfare rights/ housing advisers, housing association and hostel staff and statutory sector workers, such as social workers and probation staff who deal with Housing benefit enquiries on behalf of their clients. 

Common Selection Scheme
27 February 2015

Accessing social housing provided by NIHE and housing associations is via an assessment made under the Common Selection Scheme.

Advising clients regarding accessing social housing requires knowledge of how the Common Selection Scheme operates and the Housing (NI) Order 1988.  Advisers need to understand points entitlement under the Selection Scheme and maximise points for clients. Additionally, they should understand when a client may be eligible for a (management) transfer or require a referral for a complex needs assessment.

This one day course will enable advisers to understand the impact and application of assessment changes on prospective tenants.

The course will focus on:
  • Accessing social rented housing
  • Assessment and ranking of applicants
  • Understand the triggers to refer for a homelessness investigation
  • Definitions of statutory homeless – a full duty applicant
  • Transfers
  • Complex needs assessments
  • Allocations
  • Challenging decisions
Who should attend this course?

This course is essential for advisers, hostel workers, housing association staff, support workers and all those working with clients to assist their rehousing in social housing.