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Past Events

Housing Rights offers a variety of courses. Take a look below at a sample of what we can offer. If you are interested in these courses, or would like to have a course adapted especially for you organisational needs, dont hesitate to chat with us

Event Description
Common Selection Scheme
27 February 2015

Accessing social housing provided by NIHE and housing associations is via an assessment made under the Common Selection Scheme.

Advising clients regarding accessing social housing requires knowledge of how the Common Selection Scheme operates and the Housing (NI) Order 1988.  Advisers need to understand points entitlement under the Selection Scheme and maximise points for clients. Additionally, they should understand when a client may be eligible for a (management) transfer or require a referral for a complex needs assessment.

This one day course will enable advisers to understand the impact and application of assessment changes on prospective tenants.

The course will focus on:
  • Accessing social rented housing
  • Assessment and ranking of applicants
  • Understand the triggers to refer for a homelessness investigation
  • Definitions of statutory homeless – a full duty applicant
  • Transfers
  • Complex needs assessments
  • Allocations
  • Challenging decisions
Who should attend this course?

This course is essential for advisers, hostel workers, housing association staff, support workers and all those working with clients to assist their rehousing in social housing.

Inside Out: Housing Offenders
28 November 2014

Providing advice and information on housing for ex offenders and those charged with criminal activity can be complicated. Whether your client has been released on bail, held on remand or released after serving a sentence, they will want advice on things like accessing temporary accommodation, statutory duties of NIHE and housing benefit entitlement. They may also need assistance with keeping their home while in custody.

To ensure that you can help your client through this complex area, Housing Rights are hosting a comprehensive specialist seminar. 

This will consider:
  • Housing issues of those charged, through sentencing and ultimately release.
  • Presenting as homeless prior to release, homeless tests & recent case law
  • Accessing temp accommodation including bail addresses & statutory duty to obtain temporary accommodation for difficult to place offenders
  • HB / Welfare reform implications including Shared Accommodation Rate
  • Retention of accommodation, including use of nominated person & Abandonment procedures
  • Implications for foreign nationals
Who should attend? 

Solicitor or advisers whose clients face prison & require knowledge of how their housing situation will be impacted by their offending behaviour and/or prison sentence. 

Community Housing Advice Partnership Roadshow
20 November 2014

Housing Rights Service is travelling throughout Northern Ireland to bring you information on the latest developments in housing law and showcasing how we can help equip your organisation to provide the best housing advice.

These FREE events will cover a number of topics including:

What’s Happening in Housing in 2014
  • Social Housing Reform 
  • Social Housing allocations
  • The Anti Social Behaviour Bill
Social Housing
  • Pre action protocols for rent arrears
  • Welfare Reform Update
​Private Rented Sector
  • Tenancy deposits one year on
  • OFT Guidance for letting professionals
  • Landlord Registration
Overview of Products and Services
  • The content and features of Housing Law in Practice NI
  • An overview of Professional Resources on... range
  • The benefits of membership

Book online or email Geraldine to secure your place

Housing Rights of Migrants
23 September 2014

The aim of this one day course is to enable participants to understand the housing rights of migrants living in Northern Ireland. ‘Housing rights’ in this context refers to the right to:

  • Access social housing
  • Access homelessness assistance
  • Access Housing Benefit to pay for accommodation.
  • The housing rights of migrants emanate from a complex array of immigration, housing and social security legislation.

This course will examine:

  • The distinct categories of migrants
  • The rights of migrants to reside in the UK
  • The rights of migrants to work in the UK and the impact of their economic status (or lack of) on their rights to access social housing and homelessness assistance and housing benefit
  • Help available to migrants from Social Services
  • Help available to asylum seekers and refugees.
  • In all of this we will pay particular attention to the various pieces of legislation which are crucial to understanding and advising on this topic.

Who should attend?

This course will be of particular importance to housing advisers, benefits advisers, community groups, political party constituency offices, private, social and hostel accommodation providers and the legal profession.

We are also running this course in Belfast

The role of the receiver and the rights of tenants in landlord repossession
5 September 2014

High levels of mortgage debt and repossession persist in Northern Ireland. As a result increasing numbers of tenants are impacted by the repossession of their landlord’s properties.  With the appointment of a fixed charge receiver becoming more common locally we are offering a lunchtime learning seminar on this complex area of housing law. 

The session will be facilitated by Katharine Kimber, a partner in TLT who has a wealth of expertise in the role of receivers. Katharine oversees the Banking & Lender Services and Dispute Resolution teams and has considerable experience in handling and managing banking litigation to include complex recovery actions, property litigation and professional negligence claims.  She also specialises in contentious landlord & tenant matters and represents a range of financial institutions and receivers with regard to fixed charge receiver appointments and sales

During the session Katharine will explore key areas including:

  • The appointment of a receiver
  • Different types of receiver
  • The role of receiver
  • Identifying authorised tenants
  • Powers of  & duties of receivers
  • Outlining the role of the receiver with regard to rental payments/disrepair/notice to quit

As we expect there to be a high level of demand for this session early booking is advised. 

Book online or email Geraldine