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Changing your mind about ending a tenancy

Kevin sought advice from Landlord Advice after giving his tenant notice to quit. His situation had changed and he now wanted the tenant to stay in the property.

16 November 2023

Kevin had decided to sell his rental property due to rising costs. He told the tenant of his decision and issued them with a notice to quit to coincidewith the end of their fixed term tenancy.  

But after speaking to his mortgage lender, Kevin decided to keep the property. The tenant wanted to remain in the home, but Kevin was unsure what process he needed to follow to enable the tenant to stay in the property.  

Our adviser talked Kevin through his options, explaining he could either:  

  • issue a new fixed term tenancy agreement, or 

  • allow the tenant to stay in the home on a periodic basis 

We were able to advise Kevin of his obligations as a landlord  to give his tenant the correct notice to quit if he decides to end the tenancy in the future.   

Landlords and tenants must both follow the proper process to end a tenancy. Contact Landlord Advice to make sure you are following correct process.