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Our structure

Board of Directors and Management Team

The strategic direction of Housing Rights is monitored by our Board of Directors. The board is responsible for our overall financial health, legal standing and making decisions on the organisation's direction. The day to day running of the organisation is monitored by the Management Team.

Our management team is responsible for monitoring his or her team's work and dealing with staff and client concerns. They monitor the organisation's day to day business and keep an eye on how we are performing.

Kate McCauley is the Chief Executive Officer of Housing Rights.

Our staff team

We have around 50 members of staff in Housing Rights, who work to deliver advice, influence change in Northern Ireland or support the delivery of our services. 

We have two distinct departments in Housing Rights:

  • Business support and advice services
  • Policy and development

Within these departments there are smaller teams and lots of collaboration across all areas in the Housing Rights.