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Complaints and feedback

We strive to provide the highest standards of service. We welcome your views on how we have done.

Our standards of service

What you can expect from us

If you have an ongoing case with one of our advisers (not including one-off advice from our helplines) your adviser will send you: 

  • a case opening letter within five days of deciding the case strategy
  • copies of all key correspondence written on your behalf on the same day
  • copies of letters received about your case within three working days

Your adviser will:

  • return your phone call by 5:00pm the next working day
  • update you on the progress of your case at least every 28 days
  • arrange an appointment with you within five working days of your request
  • lodge your complaint or appeal within ten days of receiving all relevant information

Within 28 days of completing work on your case:

  • your adviser will send you a case closing letter explaining the outcome of the case 
  • you'll get a text message with a feedback survey link — if you've given us permission to contact you about your case

If we fail to meet any of these standards we will explain why.

What we need from you

To help your adviser progress your case, we need you to:

  • tell your adviser if your circumstances change
  • keep in touch with your adviser and respond to correspondence
  • follow Housing Rights values, including respect and equality for all

Giving feedback or making a complaint

If you have a complaint, suggestion or compliment:

  • contact us using the details below
  • outline your complaint or compliment as clearly as possible

All comments, complaints and suggestions relating to services should be made to the Head of Services and Support.

How to submit feedback

You can submit your comment by email to: [email protected] or in writing to:

Head of Services and Support

Housing Rights
Skainos Centre
239 Newtownards Road

How we deal with complaints

If you have a complaint, it will be directed to the most appropriate manager. They will try to resolve the issue with you informally. If you're not satisfied with the outcome of this informal resolution, you can use our formal complaints procedure. 

If you want to complain about a specific issue or the service you received, you must make your complaint within three months of it occurring.

What we will do with your feedback

After we get your complaint, comment or feedback, Housing Rights aims to:

  • acknowledge it within three working days
  • issue a full response within 10 working days, or
  • issue a revised response date if unable to respond within 10 working days