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Rent and rates

Being clear on rent and rates payments from the start avoids problems. Find out how to deal with rent arrears and manage rates.

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Setting rent

Landlords are entitled to receive rent in full and on time. Your tenancy agreement sets out how and when tenants must pay rent and rates.  

Dealing with rent arrears

Late or unpaid rent can have a huge effect on your own finances. Try to deal with rent arrears as soon as possible. It will be harder for tenants to repay arrears if they have missed several rent payments. 

Increasing rent

Over time you might want to review or increase the rent you charge your tenants. Whether or not you can increase rent will depend on the type of tenancy.  

Rates in private tenancies

Rates are a property tax and most tenants pay rates. Either as part of their rent or as a separate payment.

Make it clear from the start of the tenancy who pays rates and how.