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When everyone has a home

028 9024 5640: Housing & Debt Helpline for Northern Ireland

Our impact

What is impact? 

Our impact is the difference that our work makes to the lives of the people that we work with. Read our 2020 impact report to find out more. 

Why do we measure impact? 

We measure impact to find out if what we are doing is having a positive effect. Studying our impact helps us to understand 

  • What is and what is not working 
  • How our work creates wider change 
  • Whether we are working towards our vision 
  • Whether we are giving our funders a valuable service 

How do we measure impact? 

We use an outcomes-based accountability approach to measure our impact. In simple terms, this means we check 

  • What we did 
  • How well we did it, and 
  • Whether anyone was better off as a result.  

We use different methods to measure our impact. This includes 

  • Asking the people we’ve helped what did and didn’t work for them 
  • Analysing our data to see how many people we’ve helped and what they needed help with 

Our research and evaluation coordinator analyses all this information. This analysis

  • informs what we report to our funders and
  • provides insights that help to shape our services.

We begin measuring impact by creating a theory of change for all projects, services, and areas of work. The theory of change sets out what we believe can or will happen as a result of the work we are doing.  

How do we know our findings are objective?

An impact reference group oversaw our research, analysis, and final findings to guarantee that our 2020 impact report was objective, transparent and robust. 10 people from external agencies, including funders and impact experts, sit on this group with 2 members of Housing Rights’ management. 

The impact of Housing Rights’ work 

We produce an impact report on a regular basis. Our 2020 impact report aligns our impact over the previous year with our strategic plan and explains how what we did made a difference to the people we help and our other stakeholders.  

Our housing helpline 

Our housing helpline answered queries from more than 8,400 people. 93% of these people were happy with the service they received. 90% of them felt better able to make decisions about their housing as a result of using our housing helpline. 

Our housing casework 

Housing Rights dealt with more than 12,000 cases during this year. In a quarter of these we were helping people who couldn’t afford their rent or mortgage costs. Our dedicated casework and legal team helped over 1,000 clients with complex cases. 94% of people said their housing circumstances improved after we took on their case. 

We prevented homelessness for more than 1,100 families. 92% of the people our casework service helped were satisfied. This work is estimated to have saved government services almost £18M. 

Reaching underserved people 

We delivered 57 specialist housing clinics for people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. The clinics were spread throughout Northern Ireland. 

We trained 13 people from 7 different countries to give housing advice to people in their communities who may not engage with traditional advice services.  

We helped over 1,000 people who were in or preparing to leave prison and who needed help with housing.  

99% of the people we helped in prison felt they were now in a better place to make decisions about their housing.  

70% of the black and minority ethnic clients we helped were able to find more suitable housing as a result of our help.  

Read our 2020 impact report to learn more about our impact.