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Facing a potential eviction can be scary and stressful. Get advice as soon as possible to find ways to stay in your home.

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Eviction from a private tenancy

If you’re a private tenant, your landlord can evict you. Understand the process and know your rights.

Eviction from a social tenancy

Social landlords must try to fix a problem before evicting you. Make sure you know your rights and what to expect from a social landlord.

Illegal eviction and harassment

It is illegal for your landlord to evict you without proper notice or a court order. Make sure you know your rights in this situation.

Kicked out of your home

Losing your home because your parents, a partner, or someone else kicks you out is scary and unsettling. You can get help and support.

Abandonment of a social tenancy

If your landlord thinks you are living somewhere else, they can end your tenancy. Make sure you do not abandon your tenancy and can keep your home.

Rent arrears

If you owe money to your landlord, it's best to get help and advice as soon as possible. Our advisers can support you through the process.