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For professionals

As the leading agency providing advice and information on housing in Northern Ireland, Housing Rights helps other professionals working in housing.

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Homelessness advice: Free to all users

Our online homelessness advice for professionals is free to use. This is comprehensive information to help people working in housing. Our full range of professional information will be available to members of Housing Rights from June 2023. 

Advice and information

Comprehensive information and advice on housing law in practice in Northern Ireland. Available for Housing Rights members from June 2023, sign in to access this content. 


Comprehensive information on the homeless application process and support for people facing homelessness in Northern Ireland.


Advice on all stages of homeownership, from buying a home to tackling mortgage debt and dealing with repossession.

Housing options

Information for professionals on different types of housing options for people with specific needs in Northern Ireland.

Renting privately

Advice on the private rented sector in Northern Ireland, from starting a tenancy to dealing with eviction and deposit disputes.

Help paying rent

Information for professionals on social security benefits, including Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, to help with rent and rates in Northern Ireland. 

Housing conditions and repairs

Advice on fitness and safety standards in housing in Northern Ireland, from tackling repairs to the role of local councils in enforcing legislation.

Social housing

Advice for professionals on social tenancies in Northern Ireland, from housing allocations to sustaining tenancies and challenging eviction.

Latest news

Policy and research library

Our policy work is based on the experiences of people who contact us for advice. We work on their behalf to secure positive changes to housing legislation, policy and practice in Northern Ireland

You can find copies of policy briefings, consultation responses and research papers that Housing Rights has produced recently.

Membership benefits

We have over 125 member organisations of Housing Rights who use our support and resources to help them provide quality housing advice. 

Advice and information

Access to our comprehensive advice and information on housing in Northern Ireland, a must for anyone providing advice.

Training discounts

Discounted places at Housing Rights training courses and professional events.

Housing Practitioner's Forum

Access to a round table discussion event highlighting the latest in housing law and practice and offering an opportunity to discuss common problems.

How our advice and legal teams help

Training and events

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To speak to a housing adviser call us on our helpline we are open between 09:30 and 16:30 Monday to Friday.

Live chat

You can chat with our helpline advisers online. Use the pop up at the bottom right of the screen. If we aren't available, we'll get back to you by email.

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You can send us your queries our online form.