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Help to pay housing costs

If you're having trouble managing, you can get help to pay your rent and other housing costs.

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Housing Benefit

Universal Credit is replacing Housing Benefit. You'll usually qualify for Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. See if you can get this benefit and what changes may apply to you.

Discretionary Housing Payment

A DHP helps pay rent not covered by other benefits. See if you can get this payment.

Paying your rates bill

Rates are a property tax used to pay for public services. Make sure you know who is responsible for paying rates on the home you live in.

Deductions from your benefits

Certain deductions are taken from your benefits payments. Learn how they work and see if they apply to you.

Overpayment of benefits

Overpayment is when you get a benefit you weren’t supposed to. Make sure you understand the risks and how to keep track of your benefits.

Changes in your circumstances

Make sure you tell the Housing Executive if your situation or needs change. You could put your benefits at risk if you do not.