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Deposits can cover damage or arrears at the end of a tenancy. Find out about how to protect a deposit and deal with disputes. 

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Taking deposits

You don’t have to ask for a tenancy deposit but it can give extra security. If you take a deposit, you must protect it in a deposit protection scheme.   

Protecting a deposit

You or your agent must protect a tenancy deposit in a deposit protection scheme. Failing to properly protect a deposit is an offence and can lead to a large fine.  

Deposits in joint tenancies

If you’re renting to more than one tenant in a joint tenancy, dealing with deposits is slightly different. You’ll still need to protect the tenancy deposit but it can involve a little more coordination. 

Disputes over tenancy deposits

You and your tenants may not always agree on how to deal with the deposit when the tenancy ends. Following some basic steps can help to resolve disputes quickly.