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Advice and information for landlords in Northern Ireland

Key advice areas

Getting started as a landlord

Whether you're starting out or have been renting for years, understanding your responsibilities as a landlord reduces the risk of problems. 

Preparing to rent

There's a lot to prepare before your tenants move in. Find out what documents you must give new tenants and how to set up a tenancy. 

Rent and rates

Being clear on rent and rates payments from the start avoids problems. Find out how to deal with rent arrears and manage rates. 


Deposits can cover damage or arrears at the end of a tenancy. Find out about how to protect a deposit and deal with disputes. 

Social security benefits

Claiming benefits can help your tenants to pay rent. Find out about benefits payments and how to deal with any problems. 


Carrying out repairs quickly keeps tenants happy and protects your property. Be clear on your legal obligations and what you're responsible for fixing.  

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

HMOs must be licensed and meet higher standards than other private rentals. Make sure you understand the extra requirements for a landlord of a HMO. 

Problems with tenants

You may have problems with some tenants. Being aware of some common problems can help you to avoid matters getting out of hand. 

Ending a tenancy

You must follow the proper process to end a tenancy. Find out how much notice to give and when you need to go to court.  

Help and support for landlords

Information for landlords on agencies that can offer help and support. Find out about mediation, grants and getting help from Landlord Advice. 

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