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Homelessness advice: For professionals

Comprehensive information on the homeless application process and support for people facing homelessness in Northern Ireland.

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Responsibility for homelessness

The government department responsible for housing and homelessness is the Department for Communities.

Applying for help as a homeless person

Not everyone is entitled to a homelessness assessment. But the Housing Executive is expected to make inquiries if they have reason to believe that a person is homeless or threatened with homelessness.

Threatened with homelessness

A person is threatened with homelessness if it is likely that they are going to become homeless within 28 days of making a homeless application.

Eligibility test

There are two different tests (sometimes called ‘assessments’) the Housing Executive uses to determine if an applicant is eligible for assistance. 

Eligibility of British and Irish citizens

The UK has six types of British nationality. It is important to know which type a person holds and whether they are a British citizen.

Priority need

Certain people in vulnerable circumstances have 'priority need'. The Housing Executive assess each person's circumstances as part of a homelessness assessment.  

Restricted cases

A restricted case is one where a household’s homelessness or priority need status comes from a restricted person in the household.

Discharging the full duty to accommodate

The Housing Executive has a duty to ‘secure that accommodation becomes available’ for a person who passes all four homelessness tests.

Emergency help for homelessness

Find out what emergency accommodation is available in Northern Ireland and how to access it.