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Preventing Clare's home from being repossessed

Clare contacted us when she was weeks away from eviction after falling into mortgage arrears on her home. 

12 January 2023
  • Mortgage
  • Mortgage debt
Mother and son

Preventing eviction

Clare lived in her own home with her three teenage children. Clare had been through a terrible time. Her husband had died, and her son had recently taken his own life. These tragedies had left Clare unable to work, and she couldn't pay her mortgage.

When Clare contacted us she knew her home was no longer affordable and with over £10,000 of mortgage arrears, she faced eviction. Clare told us she had agreed to a private sale of her house, but the purchaser needed time to get their finances in order. There was no chance the sale would complete before the eviction date.

On Clare’s behalf, we negotiated with the lender’s solicitor to reach an agreement which allowed Clare the time to complete the sale on her home. With the threat of eviction removed, Clare could find a new home which better met the needs of her family.