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Getting advice when needing to sell

Amy contacted Landlord Advice about selling her rental property. Her financial situation had changed and she could no longer afford to keep the property.  

29 March 2023
  • Landlord

Due to a change in her finances Amy could no longer afford to keep the property that she had been letting out. She told her tenants about the sale and they started to look for somewhere else to live.  Amy wanted to make sure she was following the right process and needed some advice.   

Our adviser talked Amy through her options, one of which was selling the property with sitting tenants.  

Amy was worried that the property would take longer to sell as she had tenants living in it. She told our adviser that the tenants were happy to leave and had already started looking for a new home.   

We advised Amy that even though the tenants were happy to leave, she still had to follow the correct process. Based on the length of time the tenants had been in the home, they were entitled to 8 weeks' written notice.  

We also outlined that, even after the notice period, she could not force the tenants to leave or change the locks. At the end of the notice period, if the tenants were still in the property Amy would need to get a possession order.    

The advice we gave Amy meant that she knew her rights and her responsibilities as a landlord. She was more confident that she was doing right by her tenants when selling the property.