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The impact on child health as a result of fuel poverty was the subject of a recent seminar held in Belfast. Housing Rights is well used to dealing with enquiries about problems with heating systems, lack of sufficient heating and financial issues relating to the cost of heating a home. In many cases this can have a knock-on effect on the condition of the home such as dampness and condensation. But, an impact that is often hidden is the effect a cold home can have on children.

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Saturday 10th October is World Homeless Day.  Homelessness affects many people in Northern Ireland, including people who are no longer able to live in homes they own due to money problems.

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Our Adviser recently helped a worried mechanic who was struggling with rates payments and facing legal action.

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There are a number of schemes available to help people who are living with fuel poverty.  It’s important to apply quickly if you are interested in these schemes as the funding can run out quite quickly if there are large demands on the grants.

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Rumours abound that interest rates will rise in the near future and this has led to a remortgaging scurry.  Meanwhile, older borrowers may have difficulties finding affordable long term deals. 

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As the new university term approaches, Ursula Toner takes a look at student eligibility for housing benefit.  

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The last few years has seen an increase in the number of food banks operating in Northern Ireland. The Department for Social Development (DSD) recently undertook research to better understand why people need to use them.

Their research, An Insight into Food Banks in Northern Ireland,  found that a third of people in Northern Ireland have to use the food banks because of their low income.

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer gave his budget to Parliament on Wednesday 8th July.  The full budget and supporting documents can be found on Gov.uk. We've rounded up some of the headline announcements which will impact on those who work in housing. 

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The interest rate used to calculate how much help homeowners can get towards the interest on their mortgage is falling to 3.12% from 6 July 2015.  It's important that any homeowners who receive this payment as part of their benefits understand how this change will affect them.

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