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Housing Mediation Service

Housing problems are sometimes caused by difficulties between tenants and landlords.

Housing Rights' Housing Mediation Service may help you find a solution to your housing problem.

Mediation for private tenants and landlords

Housing Rights' Housing Mediation Service can help solve disputes in private rented tenancies. This service is for:

  • private tenants
  • private landlords
  • letting agents

But, you will only be able to use this service if:

  • the dispute is about a private tenancy
  • the tenancy is in Northern Ireland, and
  • the landlord is registered

We cannot mediate in some cases, including if the case is about a protected deposit. This is because there is already a service to help with disputes about protected deposits.

If we cannot help, we will explain why and tell you about other services that may be able to help you.

How mediation works

A mediator will help you and the person you are in a dispute with come to an agreement. The mediator will help both sides of a dispute talk and listen to each other. They try to solve the problem and do not judge.

Mediation is free and it can take place: 

  • by phone
  • in person, or
  • online

Use the housing mediation service

Fill in the form below if you'd like to use the Housing Mediation Service.

If you don’t answer, can we text or leave a voicemail?
Are you under 25 years of age?
Why are you completing this form?
I'm a private tenant
I'm a private landlord
Which of these applies?

Sorry, we cannot help you until you can confirm that you are a registered landlord. Please do not submit this form.

Our housing mediation service can only help with tenancy disputes if the landlord of the property is registered. You can check to see if you are registered by

It is an offence to rent out property in Northern Ireland if you are not a registered landlord. Registration costs £70 for three years and can be done online. Visit NI Direct to find out more.

Once you have confirmed that you are registered, you can complete this form again and submit it. Our mediation service can only help if we have proof that you are registered.

I'm a letting agent