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When everyone has a home

028 9024 5640: Housing & Debt Helpline for Northern Ireland

Renters Voice for Private Tenants

LATEST: Renters set out their needs in response to coronavirus crisis

Renters' Voice have surveyed private tenants in the immediate aftermath of the coronavirus lockdown to understand what government measures need to be put in place to properly assist private tenants dealing with this crisis. 

Have your renter's voice heard

Do you rent from a private landlord or letting agent?

Would you like to share your experience to improve things for private renters?

With support from the Nationwide Foundation, Housing Rights is delighted to introduce Renters’ Voice.

Renters’ Voice is a new project for people who rent privately to:

  • Share your experience of renting (good and bad)
  • Work with fellow renters to come up with ways to make renting better
  • Have a voice that is heard by landlords, politicians and government

There will be different ways to get involved, for example attending meetings and planning ways to speak up as a group, or just asking to be consulted about issues that affect you. 

There will also be opportunities to attend free training and to build skills in areas such as research, communications and representing the project. 

Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

To find out more, call Claire Maddison on 90 245640  or email rentersvoice@housingrights.org.uk, or join our facebook group below!

NI Private Tenants' Forum

Housing Rights had previously helped set up The NI Private Tenants' Forum was established in 2012. It was set up against the backdrop of a changing sector in Northern Ireland. From 1991 – 2011 there was a huge increase of 505% in the number of people living in the private rented sector. There are now nearly 1 in 5 people living in the sector. This trend looks set to continue. 

The Forum played an important part in raising awareness of particular issues and has carried out a range of work including:

The aims and objectives of the Private Tenants' Forum

The aim of the forum is to encourage tenant participation in shaping relevant legislation, policy and practice in the PRS.

The objectives of the forum were to:

  • To actively influence legislation, policy and practice in areas relevant to private tenants.
  • To provide a supportive environment for PRS tenants to voice and share views.
  • To help create a culture that is committed to the principles of tenant involvement in the future development of the PRS.
  • To support and encourage improvement of the PRS