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Private Tenancies

On 15th April TDSNI will be delivering a seminar on the tenancy deposit dispute process, helping you understand how adjudicators make their decisions. Here are a few key principles of deposit disputes to keep in mind, before referring a case for adjudication.

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Deposit protection was introduced in Northern Ireland in 2013 with the stated intention of providing "assurances for tenants and protection for landlords helping to minimise long drawn out legal proceedings and disputes".

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An important question to be considered in respect of landlord and tenant law is whether a landlord can seek recovery of all the rent due under a tenancy i.e the remaining fixed term period, when a tenancy is brought to an end early.  As solicitor Chris McGrath explains, the landlord’s right to unpaid rent depends on how the tenancy ended.

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Phil Buckle Director generalElectrical Safety First is a campaigning charity dedicated to preventing deaths, injuries and damage caused by electricity.

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Set up in 2012 by Housing Rights, the Private Tenant’s Forum is a group of volunteers who advocate for changes in policy and legislation that will improve conditions for everyone living in the Private Rented Sector.  The forum has now been nominated for 'More than Bricks and Mortar' award in this year's Housing Awards.

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New legislation will alter the rating discounts available to landlords who pay rates in a lump sum. 

Article 20 and 21 of the Rates (Northern Ireland) Order 1977 allow certain landlords to avail of a discount on their annual rates bill if all rates due on their rental properties are paid in a lump sum by the end of September each year.    Landlords who wish to avail of these discounts have to create either an Article 20 or an Article 21 account with Land & Property Services. 

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Christine Liddell is Professor of Psychology and Distinguished Community Fellow at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. She has recently co-authored an evidence based audit titled Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland's Private Sector. 

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With Welfare Reform back on the Assembly’s agenda, we look at one of the biggest housing welfare changes; the extension of the Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR) of Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to applicants aged under 35.  Ursula Toner explains which young tenants should be entitled to the one bedroom rate of LHA because they are exempt from the SAR.

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We’ve had a number of clients contact us recently saying that they’ve either been threatened with an illegal eviction or, in a few cases, that they have, in fact, been illegally forced out of their property by a landlord. In one case a client stated that the police were in attendance. Indeed, we have had some enquiries as to what role the police should play in an eviction.

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We've asked solicitor Chris McGrath to consider whether or not tenants are obliged to serve a notice to quit in order to bring a fixed term tenancy to an end.  

There are different methods a private tenancy can be brought to an end by the landlord or the tenant; these include

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