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Private Tenancies

Housing Rights response to intermediate rent consultation

We've responded to the Department for Communities' consultation on intermediate rent.

We know how important it is to address the shortage of housing in Northern Ireland.But any new housing product has to add to the net housing stock we currently have and must be truly affordable

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A receiver is a person or company appointed by a mortgage company to manage their financial interest in a property.

A lender can appoint a receiver to manage a rental tenancy if

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We've had lots of calls from private tenants whose landlords are facing court action due to mortgage arrears. Understandably, these tenants are very worried about this.

A tenant’s rights in this situation depend on

  • the terms of the landlord’s mortgage
  • the lender’s knowledge of the tenancy
  • whether there is a current fixed-term tenancy in place

Tenants can be in a vulnerable position if their landlord  

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Picture of Stormont Parliament Buildings

Housing Rights this morning gave evidence to the NI Assembly Communities Committee on the new Private Tenancies Bill.

The Bill contains 11 substantive clauses and three schedules which provide for a series of amendments to the Private Tenancies Order (Northern Ireland) 2006. Housing Rights has welcomed the Bill as an important first step in addressing the issues facing many private renters in Northern Ireland.

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Screengrab of Department for Communities call for evidence. Image of Stormont. Text "call for evidence" superimposed on picture

The Committee for Communities wants views on planned changes to private renting in Northern Ireland and has issued a call for evidence. You can respond as an individual or an organisation. You must respond by 29 October 2021. There are 42 questions, but you do not have to respond to all of these. 

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Leading housing advice charity, Housing Rights, has welcomed the extension of emergency measures which will ensure private renters continue to have enhanced protection against eviction during the period of COVID-19.

A fixed-term tenancy offers private tenants extra protection. Usually, if a tenant has a fixed-term contract: 

  • the landlord can't increase the rent until the contract ends, and 
  • the landlord can only evict the tenant if they've breached the contract.  

Our adviser helped 2 tenants show that their fixed-term contracts were valid, despite the landlord not signing these.  

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Picture of front of Stormont

The Department for Communities is developing a new private tenancies bill for Northern Ireland. The bill aims to improve standards and enhance conditions for tenants living in the private rented sector.  

Last week department officials briefed the Committee for Communities on the progression of this new bill.  

Changes to deposit rules, notice periods and rent increases 

The bill proposes a number of changes. Of most significance are:re 

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Picture of woman with serious expression sitting at a table and reading a letter. Text over image reads "we have decided that you are not entitled to help with your housing costs"

Universal Credit may refuse a claim for help to pay a person’s housing costs if  

  • they think that a tenancy is not a genuine commercial relationship between a landlord and a tenant or  
  • they believe the tenancy was created to take advantage of the benefit system.  

It’s important to get advice quickly if this happens to you or to your clients. Submitting a well-argued mandatory reconsideration request can help to prevent homelessness.  

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Effective advice for private renters should incorporate early intervention, self-help tools, partnership working and online services.

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