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Applying for a transfer

If you're a social tenant, you can apply for a transfer and move to another property owned by a social landlord. Learn how transfers work and see if it's an option for you.

This information is for Housing Executive and housing association tenants, also called social tenants. 

A transfer is when you move to another property owned by a social landlord. Once you apply for a transfer, you're on the transfer list. Your chance of getting a transfer depends on:

  • how many points you have, and
  • how popular your areas of choice are

Learn how to apply for a transfer and other transfer options.

Applying for a transfer

You can apply for a transfer if you:

  • are renting a home from a social landlord, and
  • have lived in your home for at least two years

If you have not lived in your home for two years or more, you could still transfer if you:

  • pass the homelessness assessment
  • have other homeless points
  • need to move for health, safety or social reasons
  • live in shared housing 
  • cannot afford your rent and heating costs
  • could benefit from a transfer and your landlord agrees

To apply for a transfer, you can either:

After you apply, your landlord will decide whether to put you on the transfer list. It's hard to predict how long you'll need to wait for a transfer. If your points are low, or your areas of choice are very popular, you may have to wait a long time for a transfer.

Reasons you may not be able to transfer

Your landlord can refuse your application to transfer if you:

  • owe more than four weeks' rent
  • left your home in a bad state 
  • owe your landlord money for damages
  • broke the terms of your tenancy agreement

If you live in Great Britain, you cannot transfer to Northern Ireland. You can either:

Management transfers

Some housing associations or Housing Executive tenants might qualify for a ‘management transfer’. 

A management transfer is a type of transfer that allows social landlords flexibility to decide how to best use available properties.  

A tenant with management transfer status may be allocated a property even if another transfer applicant has more points. 

A management transfer could be an option if: 

  • you passed the homelessness assessment 
  • you have intimidation points 
  • someone in your household needs adapted housing, or  
  • you live in adapted housing, and you don’t need this type of housing  
  • your home is due to get major repairs, be demolished or redeveloped 
  • transferring could help sort out a neighbourhood dispute that is getting worse 
  • you have a district heating debt and a transfer would stop the debt from increasing

Your housing officer can offer management transfers in certain cases. For example, if there is a property ready that meets your specific needs.

You can ask your housing officer if a management transfer is an option for you. 

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