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Since landmark judgments in the Pinnock and Powell cases back in 2011, housing practitioners and legal professionals have questioned how human rights arguments can be applied to possession proceedings in the privately rented sector.  Carmel Ferguson, Solicitor with Housing Rights, considers a recent Supreme Court judgment that delivers clarity on this issue.

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The Council for Mortgage Lenders (CML), with the support of Housing Rights,  hosted a conference “The mortgage market in Northern Ireland” in Belfast on the 24 May 2016.

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Housing Rights provides the only Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme in Northern Ireland. These court desks schemes, which are more commonly seen in England, provide free legal representation to homeowners and tenants who are in court for possession hearings and risk being made homeless because of housing debt.

Advice and representation at court can make all the difference as this recent example illustrates.

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NI Court figures for January to March show an increase in the numbers of repossession cases.[1]  Local charity, Housing Rights, is urging those struggling with their mortgage to get free independent advice as early as possible.

The Northern Ireland High Court of Justice decision in The Woolwich v Boyd [2015] NICh 16 , issued by Mr Justice Deeny in the High Court Chancery Division, deals with the issue of the extent of the discretion of the court in an application for a stay on an order for possession of a home; and how this discretion is exercised.

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Support for Mortgage Interest (‘SMI’) is a payment available to people receiving Income Support; income-based Jobseekers’ Allowance; income-based Employment & Support Allowance; and Pension Credit. These payments are vital in allowing low-income households to maintain their mortgage repayments and sustain their homes. 

The next few years will see several changes to the SMI scheme, specifically:

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Sandra is a tenant of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive who was represented at court by Emma from our Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme, a project that provides court representation to people who have been taken to court because of rent or mortgage arrears.

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January is traditionally a busy time of year for our debt services and this year looks to be no different.  We're keen to encourage any one who is having difficulties paying their mortgage to speak to our mortgage debt advisers and to start taking action to save their homes.  

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Saturday 10th October is World Homeless Day.  Homelessness affects many people in Northern Ireland, including people who are no longer able to live in homes they own due to money problems.

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Toni and Marc came to Housing Rights for help when they feared that they’d lose their home.  Toni and Marc bought their home back in 2003.  Since moving in they’d had three children:  Jordan, Sam and Lily.   Catherine, one of our advisers, had to make an application for a stay when negotiating with the lender proved fruitless.

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