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Two topics that often strike fear into the heart of an adviser are protected tenancies and the appointment of a receiver.  We recently had a case where both these issues combined, causing much confusion and distress to the tenant.

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Bank of Scotland held to account over bad practice with customers’ mortgage arrears.

A group of Bank of Scotland mortgage holders have won their High Court Case in Belfast over a problem relating to how the lender was dealing with their mortgage arrears. All three customers were facing possession action at the time and were represented by Northern Ireland advice charity, Housing Rights Service.

Chris McGrath LLB, Solicitor with Housing Rights, discusses a recent Housing Rights High Court Case where Bank of Scotland was found to be double billing customers in mortgage arrears.

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Consumer website, Which? has published a map showing the most financially distressed areas in the UK.

Which? asked site users to rank how financially stressed they were on a five point sliding scale.  The scale ran from low level financial stressors, like cutting back on essentials to signifiers of serious financial problems, such as defaulting on a loan, rent or mortgage.

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The Centre for Housing Policy recently published ‘Financial Resilience and Security: Examining the Impact of Falling Housing Markets on Low Income Homeowners in Northern Ireland’.  This report was prepared by Alison Wallace, Anwen Jones and David Rhodes. Alison Wallace has kindly agreed to summarise the report for Housing Rights Service. 

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A report produced by HML mortgage group states that over half a million households in the UK are affected by negative equity.  

Northern Ireland is the region most severely affected with 41% of homeowners, around 68,000 people, owing more than the current market value of their home.

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We've seen increasing numbers of tenants contact us because a Receiver has been appointed to manage the property they rent.   Chris McGrath, Solicitor for Housing Rights Service, reports on the legal standing of tenants who find themselves in this position. 

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Housing professionals will be only too aware of the increase in the number of applications for possession of residential dwellings.  What many are less aware of is how useful an application for a Time Order can be to homeowners who risk losing their homes due to a secured loan or second charge.

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Advising homeowners who Are at risk of losing their home due to arrears on secured loans is a complex area. With this in mind, it’s essential that you’re aware of the very particular problems that can arise when your client has a second charge on their property. 

Advisers and clients alike need to be aware that when a borrower defaults on payment of a secured loan or a second charge the lender may be entitled to:

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