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There are a number of schemes available to help people who are living with fuel poverty.  It’s important to apply quickly if you are interested in these schemes as the funding can run out quite quickly if there are large demands on the grants.

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Toni and Marc came to Housing Rights for help when they feared that they’d lose their home.  Toni and Marc bought their home back in 2003.  Since moving in they’d had three children:  Jordan, Sam and Lily.   Catherine, one of our advisers, had to make an application for a stay when negotiating with the lender proved fruitless.

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Certain decisions made by the Housing Executive can be reviewed by following a procedure laid out in the Housing Amendment Act (NI) 2011.  These include decisions on whether or not someone is a Full Duty Applicant and on whether the accommodation offered to a homeless person is reasonable.

The applicant also has a right to appeal to the county court if the review is unsuccessful, but they can only appeal on a point of law.

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A guarantor is someone who has agreed to be responsible for the tenant’s obligations as determined by the tenancy agreement.  In Northern Ireland, guarantors were traditionally sought for student tenancies, but this practice seems to be becoming prevalent across the wider private rented market.

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Recent press reports focused on news that nearly 1,300 incidents of paramilitaries forcing people from their homes have been reported in Northern Ireland in the past three years.

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At Housing Rights, we hear from lots of tenants who have all kinds of understandable reasons for leaving a property before the contract ends.  These range from students who’ve had to leave university unexpectedly, to people who have become ill and for whom a property is no longer suitable, to families who are living in substandard properties and whose requests for repairs go unheeded by the landlord

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As students across NI get their “A” level results, local charity Housing Rights has come up with handy tips and a short video for anyone thinking about renting privately.

Many students heading off to College or University will choose to rent privately.  The sector has grown rapidly in recent years and now makes up for 17% of all households, nearly 130,000 homes in Northern Ireland. 

Housing Rights Training Officer Bronagh McCulla talks about looking forward to taking our upcoming training course Made of Money – Financial Capability Skills.

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Back in 2013 the Department for Social Development (DSD) issued guidance (Memo 3/13) on allowing Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to be paid for an extra bedroom where a disabled child cannot share a bedroom with other children for medical reasons.

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Our adviser Faith recently helped solve a serious financial problem for a vulnerable, elderly couple by asking the Ombudsman to investigate a decision taken by the Health & Social Care Trust.

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