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Our adviser recently helped a client who had left her previous employment due to constructive dismissal and whose claim for housing benefit was rejected as the decision maker felt that she was not “involuntarily unemployed”.

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We’ve had a number of clients contact us recently saying that they’ve either been threatened with an illegal eviction or, in a few cases, that they have, in fact, been illegally forced out of their property by a landlord. In one case a client stated that the police were in attendance. Indeed, we have had some enquiries as to what role the police should play in an eviction.

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We've asked solicitor Chris McGrath to consider whether or not tenants are obliged to serve a notice to quit in order to bring a fixed term tenancy to an end.  

There are different methods a private tenancy can be brought to an end by the landlord or the tenant; these include

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Response to A Strategy for the Delivery of Generalist Advice Services in Northern

Housing Rights Service has recently responded to a DSD consultation on  ‘A Strategy for the Delivery of Generalist Advice Services in Northern Ireland 2015 – 2020’.  We feel that any future changes to the work, organisation and administration of the generalist advice sector has the potential to impact on the day-to-day work of specialist agencies such as Housing Rights Service. Over 70% of our clients are already referred to us by another agency. Any change in their resources will also have an effect on the demand for HRS.

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Tenants who are having problems in their privately rented homes can now turn to a new service for assistance.  Smartmove Housing is providing a tenancy sustainment intervention service as part of the Private Rented Sector Access Scheme, funded by the NI Housing Executive.

What is a Tenancy Sustainment Intervention scheme?

Smartmove officers can intervene in a failing tenancy and work with the tenant and the landlord to try to improve the situation.

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People from all walks of life end up in the Chancery Court in Belfast, facing the possibility of losing their home.  Sharon and Stephen are one such couple, who got help from our Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme last month, after meeting specialist representative Maria McNally at court. 

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Two topics that often strike fear into the heart of an adviser are protected tenancies and the appointment of a receiver.  We recently had a case where both these issues combined, causing much confusion and distress to the tenant.

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Carmel Ferguson, Solicitor with Housing Rights Service discusses the possibility of using estoppel as a defence in possession proceedings. 

A recent query on our advice line raised the question of whether the principle of estoppel could be used as a defence to certain possession proceedings in the private sector.

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A safe and secure home is fundamental in helping offenders make a positive contribution to society. But often ex offenders and those charged with criminal activity will face many housing difficulties. 

Whether your client has been released on bail, held on remand or released after serving a sentence, they may come to you with worries about

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The Affordable Warmth Scheme, a 3 year scheme launched in 2014, is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of private sector homes in Northern Ireland. Certain private tenants or homeowners with an income of less than £20,000 may be entitled to grant assistance to help with the cost of some heating and insulation measures.

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