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Private tenancies in Northern Ireland are generally divided into two categories:

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When David came to Housing Rights Service he had been sleeping on his sister’s sofa for a few years and was finding it hard to cope. David is single and has a 5 year old daughter who spends weekends with him. He had presented as homeless to NIHE but was found not to have Priority Need.

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I recently met Teresa, a lone parent and Housing Executive tenant in rent arrears.  Teresa was at risk of possession and really needed help. 

Teresa was having difficulties paying her rent because she was under a lot of financial pressure and she had debts including a couple of payday loans which she’d taken out to tide her over at a time when she was finding things particularly tough.

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A recent Northern Ireland High Court decision provided important judicial interpretation on the Housing Selection Scheme rules and the allocation of housing to transfer applicants. The decision has already affected a number of our clients and impacted on how social landlords manage allocations.  Solicitor Chris McGrath outlines the case.

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Our housing advice line gets stacks of queries about renting privately.  A lot of the PRS cases that come through to me and my colleagues could have been prevented at the start of the tenancy if the tenant or the landlord was better prepared.

We get a lot of calls in September and October each year from people who've signed up to a tenancy that hasn't worked out.  The reasons that people have for wanting to get out of agreements are understandable, some common issues are:

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To end a tenancy either the landlord or the tenant must serve a Notice to Quit.  But, can that notice be served electronically?  We’ve asked our Legal Team to investigate.  Carmel Ferguson reports.

The law regarding Notice to Quit

Article 14 Of the Private Tenancies Order 2006 states that—

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Many applications for possession orders are made by lenders who have a second charge on the defendant’s home.  Carmel Ferguson, Solicitor and member of the Legal Team at Housing Rights Service, discusses the Chancery Court’s approach to these proceedings when the property is in negative equity.

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On 1st July 2013 Croatia became the latest country to join the European Union. This means that Croatian citizens have the right of free movement within the countries included in the European Economic Area. However, the UK government has put in place provisions which will restrict the ability of Croatian nationals to access the UK labour market. These restrictions will last until at least 30th June 2018, but may be extended to 30th June 2020.

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How do I deal with landlord repossessions?  It very much depends on whether the landlord’s done what he or she is supposed to do!

If the landlord didn’t get the right permission from the mortgage lender or acted outside the terms in the mortgage agreement, your client could be in trouble.

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Imagine you’re a private tenant, paying rent each month and confident that you’re doing everything that’s required of you.  One day you open your post to find a final demand from Land & Property Services insisting that you pay £2000+ by the end of the month or face court.  It’s particularly confusing when your tenancy agreement says your rent includes rates and your landlord’s responsible for paying these to LPS.

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